Plastic: The Unseen Truth

Annelies den Boer, chairperson of Erase all Toxins, revealed the results of the plastic test to presenter Lucy Siegle on British tv. In Plastic: the unseen truth, Lucy Siegle learned that the plastic additives that were found in her urine may be harmful for her health. Annelies explained that plastic food contact materials are a major source of plastic additives in our bodies. They leach out of plastics and end up in our food.


Annelies told Lucy: “We have found bisphenol A… and several phthalates which are chemicals that are on substances of very high concern list of European chemicals agency. We’re concerned about these toxic chemicals because they are known to affect fertility.”


The presenter stated that she was shocked and infuriated to learn that these chemicals were found in her body.

Read more about Plastic the Unseen truth here.

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