Erase all Toxins report on endocrine disruptors in cosmetics on primetime Dutch tv

On the 9th of November Erase all Toxins launched a study report on endocrine disruptors in personal care products such as handsoap, deodorant and bodylotion. Main conclusion: 60 percent of the personal care products contained chemicals with endocrine disrupting properties.

Professor Majorie van Duursen of the Free University of AmsterdamAnnelies den Boer, chairperson of Erase all Toxins, presented the results on primetime Dutch tv. She emphasized that consumers are exposed to multiple endocrine disruptors via various consumer articles throughout the day and that the role of cosmetics as a source of exposure is often underestimated.

Professor Majorie van Duursen of the Free University of Amsterdam expressed her concern about prenatal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals which may lead to neurodevelopmental disorders and fertility problems.

Ms. Suzanne Kröger, member of the Dutch parliament, stated that she appreciates the efforts of the Dutch government to put in place European measures to protect consumers. She added that national measures are also needed and that the precautionary principle should be applied.

Please watch the episode (in Dutch) here:

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