International media personalities participate in study Erase all Toxins

In 2018 Erase all Toxins studied the exposure to toxic chemicals of 14 sustainable influencers. The study found they had been exposed to harmful flame retardants and plasticizers. In 2019 Erase all Toxins starts a new study with international media personalities

Toxic plastics
One of the media personalities participating in the study is BBC presenter Liz Bonnin. She is also the creator of the award winning documentary Drowning in Plastic. Erase all Toxins will test the urine of the study participants for toxic chemicals that are prevalent in plastics. The test will be carried out in the lab of the Free University of Amsterdam.


Plastic Health Summit
Erase all Toxins carries out the study as a member of the Plastic Health Coalition which organizes the Plastic Health Summit on the 3rd of October in Amsterdam. This is the first international conference on the health effects of plastic.
During this conference scientists will present groundbreaking research regarding the impact of microplastics on our health. The test results of Liz Bonnin will be made public at this summit.

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