Erase all Toxins on Dutch national radio

Erase all Toxins on Dutch national radio

Annelies den Boer, chairperson of Erase all Toxins gave an interview on Reporter radio. A platform for Dutch investigative journalism. She talked about endocrine disrupting chemicals and how they affect our health.

The scientific evidence that endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have a negative effect on fertility, cancer, obesity and neurodevelopmental disorders is growing. Scientific reports estimate that EDCs cost the EU 157 billion euro annualy.  In spite of that the Dutch government is reticent to regulate these chemicals. Apparently the Dutch government tried to block policies to restrict EDCs at European level. Reporter Radio investigates the rationale behind the position of the Dutch government. Interviewees:
Annelies den Boer – chairperson Erase all Toxins, Majorie van Duursen – professor in Toxicology, Andreas Kortenkamp – professor Toxicology Bas Eickhout – member of the European Parliament, Aldert Piersma – Dutch institute for Environment and Health, Nina Holland – Corporate Europe Observatory.

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