Erase all Toxins partner of EDC-Free Europe

EDC-Free Europe is a coalition of public interest groups representing more than 70 environmental, health, women’s and consumer groups across Europe who share a concern about hormone disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and their impact on our health and wildlife. 

The campaign is supported by over 11K individuals across 78 countries, communicating through seven major European languages

Hormone disruptors

Hormone disruptors, often known as endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs, are chemicals that can interfere with the natural hormones in our bodies. 


Our aim is to raise awareness and urge faster governmental action on these chemicals that are toxic to our health. We believe this will drive innovation for safer chemicals and products, which will in turn create a healthier future for all. 

Campaign partners include trade unions, consumers, public health and healthcare professionals, advocates for cancer prevention, environmentalists and women’s groups.

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